On this site you will find a basic guide to the sport of hovercraft cruising. I hope you find it useful!

The main purpose of this site is to show some of the exciting things you can do and the places you can go with a hovercraft. I've tried to be as honest as possible - all of the good and bad stuff is here. I hope it will encourage and inspire you to look at hovercraft in a new light - they are a truly unique and capable machine that open up new possibilities for water users. All of the information found here is my own opinion based directly on my personal experience.

Take a look around the top menu and I'm sure you will find something of interest!

The videos and picture libraries contain a selections of images of my craft in action together with some other interesting clips (I don't post many new clips to this site - they are all now available on YouTube at  http://uk.youtube.com/user/jarobhov)

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This site is not updated as regularly as I would like- I am currently the Chairman of a new UK hovercraft cruising club (www.hoverclub.org.uk) and most of my efforts (and posts) appear on there!

North Sea (and river) cruise March 2012

Forth estuary - Jan 2012

North West Scotland Cruise week - July 2011

Skirt testing near Berwick - Jan/Feb 2011

Loch Fyne Autumn cruise week- October 2010

Severn Treasure Hunt weekend - September 2010

Cruise on the Humber estuary August 2010