Can't I just buy one?

You could, of course, buy a ready made craft rather than build one yourself!

In the UK there are only a few hovercraft manufacturers and the craft designs they offer are all very similar in style and construction - fine if you like the style but hard luck if you don't!

Hovercraft trailers are a bit of an art - there are some abominations out there. Some people seem to spend almost as much time getting their craft loaded and unloaded than they do hovering.

The Sevtec Prospector (see is a 4-5 seat craft similar, but larger, than the Scout and uses a 80HP Subaru engine (same as UH18). It has a higher hover height than the UH18 and is capable of traveling on much rougher water. It has twin lift fans and a 6 foot propeller and can be fitted with a windscreen and hood for use in bad weather.

I chose a Sevtec Scout ( mainly because no-one else in the UK had built a Sevtec craft and I was curious as to how the ugly looking skirt worked! The other reason was that I couldn't believe a working hovercraft could operate with only a 12hp engine (most "small" UK craft have 40hp+ engines fitted)!

The first hovercraft I built was a Universal Hovercraft UH18SP ( I was initially attracted to this craft for two reasons - it looked great and you could fit wings and fly it! I had not direct experience of hovercraft and had never ridden in one or even seen one in the flesh!

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