The 2008 Scottish Hoverin!

This year the event was held on Loch Fyne in Argyll - a 40 mile long sea Loch famous for oysters, dolphins, basking sharks, spectacular scenery, etc.

The event took place between Monday 26th May to Sunday 1st June and was attended by eight craft:

  • Me - Prospector and UH18 (when I could tear it away from Matt!)
  • Matt - Sevtec Scout
  • Ian Brooks - Surveyor
  • Steve and Gill Holland - Vanguard
  • Trev Black - Osprey 5
  • Chris Campbell - Flying Fish
  • Jenny Campbell - Vortex Storm

The weather was absolutely superb, Apart from one day when it was windy and some showers the remainder of the time the wind was zero to 7mph and the Loch was flat calm most of the time. We cruised around the various parts of the loch - it has bays, inlets, castles, beaches and villages we explored.

There was even a hover wedding on the Thursday - Steve and Gill were married on the lawn surrounded by hovercraft! They even left the ceremony of steves' hovercraft complete with streamers and 'just married' stickers!

Kilts and midges don't go together very well though!


Sunset over the Loch
The wedding hovercraft


There is a hovercraft in this picture! Its along the waters edge on the right side.


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