Travelled up to Loch Fyne for a few days and met Steve and Al.  Weather was very nice - sunny and warm so we spent the afternoon hovering around the Loch.  Al is building a Surveyor and wanted some hover-experience before finishing his own!


Had a late evening hover around the Loch before returning home - beautiful sunset!


Took a couple of Canadian rugby players on their first hover-trip  - upriver from Berwick.  Bit windy in the late afternoon and very rough in the harbour.


Just got back from the 2009 Scottish Hoverin on Loch Fyne (again!).

The weather was pretty dreadful for the first few days - high winds and rain.  The wind was a south westerly blowing straight up the length of the Loch - by midday the waves were impressive!  It didn't stop us thought - we were out hovering every day.  We did have an unscheduled stop for a couple of hours after getting caught out by 25mph winds near the top of the Loch.  We waited ... and waited ... and waited ... but the wind didn't drop at all so we headed over to the other side (VERY rough crossing - 4-5ft waves with white caps and blown spray).  It was no better on the other side so we just had to battle through it for the 12 miles back home.

By Thursday night the weather had improved significantly - 14-18C, blue skies and lower winds so we made the most of it with several long distance cruises.  The best was probably a trip to Tarbert via Lochgilphead - I missed the harbour entrance by two miles as it was three miles on the other side of the Loch (at least that's my excuse!!).


Took the Prospector down to Berwick to test out the maintenance fixes after Loch Fyne (I had carb and ignition problems. cruised upriver for a couple of hours past the local boat club regatta.


Met Steve at Loch Fyne again - weather was pretty windy but we got in a good few hours cruising


Travelled down the Southampton Hovercraft Museum for the Hovershow 50 (the 50th anniversary of the first hovercraft channel crossing.  The weather was pretty windy during the days (very typical this year!) but we got in some cruises including a solo trip across to the Ilse of Wight (about 5 miles of open water).  The return journey was around 8 miles due to navigational issues.  The museum had around 20,000 visitors through it's doors on the three day event - it was very busy at times!


Spent three days on Loch Fyne cruising with Steve (Vanguard).  We covered over 270 miles!



Trip videos (long!) are on YouTube at

Weather was absolutely perfect apart from a rough spot when returning from the Isle of Bute



Met with Steve today for a cruise on the Forth estuary. I had serious doubts about the whole idea on the drive up there - it was minus 4C and heavy fog Surprised . However, the temperature rose to a balmy -0.5C on the last 1/2 mile to the shoreline and then reached a high of 1C in the afternoon - positively tropical Laughing It was actually warmer out on the water than on the land - probably due the the higher water temperature "warming" (a relative term!) the surrounding air.


Decided that as it was a nice day, sunny and warmish (10C) I would meet with Peter and go hovering up the river.  We left Berwick at around 12:30 and had a nice cruise up river going past the highest point I'd reached before (about 25 miles).  We had no problems as the river was in full flow (about 5mph current on even the wide bits). 


Eventually got cruising again!  Took UH18 and Scout on finished double deck trailer to Berwick and launched into estuary behind harbour.  Sea was pretty rough so we didn't venture out there.  Cruised up river for about 20 miles.  River was in full flow (about 8mph in places) and very dirty - but smooth with no wind. 

Jan 2005

Towed my boat and hovercraft and launched at Berwick upon Tweed.  There is a slipway alongside a quay next to the lifeboat station (only usable a couple of hours either side of high tide). There is plenty of space in the estuary which is well protected from the North Sea.

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